weekend to remember

Weekend To Remember
Weekend to Remember is a weekend marriage conference that teaches God's design for marriage and family. The environment is fun, non-threatening, and sometimes hilarious. And it's a wonderful time for couples to refresh good marriages or heal troubled ones. There are over 150 conferences in cities all across the U.S. each year. Registration is open to individuals, couples, or groups. Whether you're engaged, newlywed, or remarried, enrich your marriage and begin a godly legacy for your family by attending a conference in a city near you. Or plan a memorable getaway to a destination of your choosing.

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Marriages are vulnerable, as evidenced by the startling divorce rate in our country. Frictions spark, misunderstandings smolder, tensions flare up, and suddenly you're faced with an incendiary situation that seems to have no solution. But there is a way to "fireproof" your marriage - and it's something every couple should know.

Invite couples in your church and community to learn how to make their marriages fireproof - via satellite at your church on Saturday, November 1.

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weekend to remember Toward A Growing Marriage
Why should you attend a marriage seminar? First, to keep your own marriage growing. Marriages either get better or they get worse. They never stand still. Most people prefer a growing marriage. Secondly, to equip you to minister to other couples who turn to you for help. In the church and in the work place, people turn to friends long before they go to a counselor. A Growing Marriage seminars will give you insights on how to help.

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Focus Focus on Marriage Simulcast: February 28, 2009
Sign up today at to be an exclusive Focus On Marriage simulcast host site in your area!

Focus on the Family is pleased to bring you this exclusive event on marriage! Designed to show couples how their relationship looks through God's eyes, Focus on Marriage? will help couples understand the bigger picture?the higher purpose?of marriage while providing practical insights to help with everyday issues. God-centered marriages also mean healthier families, more effective churches and stronger communities, so don?t wait. Sign up to host the Focus on Marriage simulcast conference today!

Celebrate Celebrate
Celebrate! is the non-profit ministry of Christian speakers and authors Jay & Laura Laffoon. The Laffoons are all about bringing life abundant! Whether through their speaking engagements, marriage conferences, or resources, Jay & Laura love to share the celebration that is a life in relationship with Jesus.

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Celebrate Marriage & Family Ministry Training Conference
AMFM—America's leading association for marriage and family ministries—will host international training conference in August 2009 and 2010. You'll interact with other equipping pastors, church lay-leaders, and ministry teams as you discover best practices, curriculum, and gain certification in vital areas of ministry. These include marriage ministry, marriage mentoring, sexual wholeness, parenting, family ministry, premarital education, reconciling troubled marriages, single parenting, stepfamilies, and more. Conference speakers include some of the nation's leading experts, including Dr. John Trent, H. Norman Wright, and Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg.

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mtu Marriage Tune Up Conferences with Jeff & Debby McElroy
Combine antics of "Everybody Loves Raymond," the straight-talk style of Vince Lombardi, and the poignancy of a Hallmark commercial, and you've got an idea of what you'd experience at one of their conferences! No psycho-babble. No abstract theories. Just humorous, yet honest insights into marriage.

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