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If you need assistance to help you through a troubling time in your relationship, please follow the links below:

Critical Care Critical Care For Your Marriage
When a marriage encounters crisis, where can couples turn? This booklet and the accompanying instructional DVD were designed to answer that very question and to get marriages on the road to reconciliation.

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Marriage 911 Marriage 911: First Response
Do you want to restore your marriage, but don't know how? This program was developed through years of experience to help individuals learn how to successfully work through the trials of marriage.

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Marriage Saved Can My Marriage Be Saved?:
True stories of couples with saved marriages give hope to those in troubled marriages. Resources for couples in crisis are listed at the end of each story.

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Mind Set Free A Mind Set Free
In a world filled with seductive imagery and explicit sexuality, around every corner lies a snare that can entangle even the most committed Christian. But there is good news. A Mind Set Free offers you the keys to freedom.

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Mind Set Free Every Manís Battle
Every Man's Battle shares the stories of dozens who have escaped the trap of sexual immorality and presents a practical, detailed plan for any man who desires sexual purity

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Mind Set Free Freedom Begins Here
Pornography and sexual sin. Secrets millions struggle with but the Church doesnít like to talk about. In partnership with Dr. Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham, Freedom Begins Here offers individuals, couples, families, churches and small groups a dynamic series of DVD Toolkits to face the crisis of pornography and sexual sin.

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